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How to find out the faults of construction machinery through
Time:2017-09-25 15:52 Reader:
The tire is one of the important parts of the wheeled engineering machinery vehicle. It not only carries all the mass of the vehicle, but also transfers the force from the engine and the transmission parts to the driving force of the vehicle motion. At the same time, in the tire rotation and long-term contact with the rough road, it will also be relevant to the chassis of the work is normal or "documented."". In the use and maintenance, through the observation of different wear conditions of tires, we can judge some hidden faults of wheeled vehicles. Early detection of these hidden faults can not only help drivers to determine the technical conditions of vehicles, but also play a certain role in ensuring the safety of vehicles in advance.
1 tire crown, two shoulder grinding mark is obvious
Crown two shoulder, if worn more seriously, indicating that the vehicle in use often in low tire pressure, or often in overload state. As a result of the above two reasons, causes the tire grounding part to widen, the middle part slightly upward arch, thus causes the crown two to shoulder the ground to wear. Increase in the deformation of the tire carcass temperature at the same time, when the vehicle speed is too fast or rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration state, it is easy to cause the tire burst, resulting in a greater danger to traffic safety and the normal use of the vehicle. Tire tread wear shoulder two also indicates that the inner tube valve is influenced by the movement of the tyre on the rim, probably due to the effect of shear stress and aggravation of abnormal wear, serious causes the valve leak at.
2, the middle of the tire crown is obviously worn
The main reason of tire tread wear is the central tire pressure is too high due to long-term use in conditions that lead to excessive tire pressure tire ground part decreases and the unit area of the ground pressure increases, resulting in increased wear of central crown. The wear of the middle part of the crown is serious, which not only reduces the service life of the tire, but also may cause the hidden trouble of the sudden explosion of the tyre when the vehicle runs on the uneven road or meets the obstacle.
3, the inside of the steering wheel crown (or outside) wear badly
In order to ensure better steering characteristics of wheeled vehicles, the steering wheel camber is set in the steering wheel of the heavy haul vehicles. Do not need to adjust the steering wheel camber in the general maintenance and repair, but in use due to changes in the technical condition of the vehicle, and the technical performance parameters of the mechanism on the steering wheel camber changes, and then make the steering wheel camber deviation from the design value, so that the wheeled vehicle steering performance becomes poor. By observing the abrasion of the inside and outside sides of the tire crown of the steering wheel, the change of the inclination angle of the steering wheel's foreign sail can be determined, so as to provide the basis for the timely restoration. For example, the outer wear of the wheel crown of the steering wheel is serious, indicating that the camber of the wheel is too large, while the inside of the wheel is worn seriously, which indicates that the camber of the wheel is too small.

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