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How to maintain the engineering tires?
Time:2017-09-25 15:52 Reader:
First, strict compliance with the standard tire inflation, inflatable ministries after leak check, and should regularly check the tire pressure to ensure compliance with the standard. Develop the habit of measuring barometric pressure with a barometer, not with the naked eye. To ensure that the tire has a certain flexibility, in the load under the provisions of the deformation does not exceed the prescribed range, to ensure that the equipment in running with good stability and comfort. Spare tire pressure should be relatively high, so as not to run away.
Second, the correct selection and installation of tires, and according to the tire specifications with the corresponding tube. The same mechanical assembly of the tire should guarantee the same brand, the same structure and the same performance. If this does not do, should assemble the same brand, the same specifications, the same pattern and type of the same tire on the same shaft; new tires, should do the same for vehicle or coaxial; with directional tread tires should be installed in accordance with the provisions of the rolling direction; for the new tires that new tires should be installed in the front, the repaired tire mounted on the rear wheel. To ensure safe operation, the refurbished tyres are not allowed to be used as steering wheels (front wheels).
Regular tire transposition, equipment in the running for some time, before and after the tire in fatigue and wear degree is different, therefore, should be in accordance with the provisions of timely transposition. There are two ways to change tyres: crossing and cycling. The cross transposition method is applicable to the construction machinery and equipment that often travel on large arches, while the cycle change method applies to equipment that is often running on a relatively flat road.
Control the tire temperature, the construction machinery and equipment in the process of running, the tires due to friction, deformation and heat, so that the tire temperature and pressure rise. When the tire temperature is very high, you can not use the method of deflation, pressure, but also can not water the tire cooling, so as not to accelerate the damage to the tires. Shady parking place should be closed to tire can continue driving after the temperature decrease. Equipment parking on the way and to the scene, to develop a safe taxi parking habits. To choose flat, clean and oil-free ground parking, each tire should be landing smoothly, especially overnight, should pay attention to select the parking place, if necessary, rear wheel jacking. When the equipment is disabled for a long time, the block shall be withstood by the block to reduce the load on the tire; the tyre can not be parked locally without air pressure; the wheel shall be jacked up.

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