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Pay attention to cleaning up the sundries in the tires
Time:2017-09-25 15:26 Reader:
Solid tires for a long time in contact with the road, inevitably in the tyre markings in embedded stones, the texture is not only make a mess, when driving Striped Stone in a knock on the ground, a clacking clash, that it's the texture in the broken stone embedded in tyre needs to be sorted out, it what is the harm?
Make noise: because of normal travel, the tyre announces the sound is contrast small, because rubber tread contrast soft, but after embedded in stone, is not the same. The markings of gravel will follow the tire rolling hard knock on the ground, as if he had been to his face was according to the conflict on the ground, the shortness of the patter of almost maddening.
Stop the drainage: if the tyre markings can play a guiding role in the rain waterline when running, ensure the tire quickly will touch on the tyres when the liquid water passing off, ensure the tire grip will not fall too much. If too much gravel embedded in tyre markings, will significantly decrease drainage of the tire, the tire slip.
The tire tire tread risk: Although the contrast is solid, usually embedded in the Striped Stone very hard to break, but the night road will be hell, the car can be even more metal stone into sharp and strong, then punctured sidewalls are possible. On the other hand, when the car is traveling at high speed, the high-speed collision results in the increase of tire temperature, the expansion of the gas in the fetus and the thinning of the tire wall. If a sharp stone is embedded in the markings, a flat tire will burst at this time.
In addition, the embedded milling machine solid tyre markings in gravel, wall and ground tire subjected to double kneading and conflict, exposed on the outside of some tread will soon be grinding, grinding. And in the process of grinding, if the car is moving at high speed, the gravel is very simple, sputtering out, the impact is not small, damage from a car or a vehicle moving along the side.

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